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Welcome to Directx World

This is the website for 3D game programming. Here, you find a course to learn how to develop a game engine (physics engine, graphic engine). The course is intended for novice and experienced developers with an interest in the DirectX 9 architecture. The language used is C++. The site has several sections. To enter in the section use the menu above, or on your left:


This voice of the menu gives you access to different sections. Each section contains its lessons. Below, you will find a brief description of what it is covered in each section:

  1. Direct3D 9: This section explains the DirectX APIs for 3D graphic programming. This section covers each aspect of the Direct3D API to help creating 3D games. Also, Direct Input are integrated to manage the input devices (keyboard, mouse).
  2. Mathematics: 3D graphic isn't so easy. To create good 3D engine, you need to know everything about mathematics. In this section, you will learn everything about mathematics for 3D game programming and computer graphics.
Forum This is the DirectX World Forum. If you have problems, or you want to discuss lessons of the several sections that you find in this website, this is the place. To write a topic you will need a quick registration. It is not required any email, only if you want. No spam guaranteed, of course.
Support The support section covers some aspects to create your programming environment. I use the Microsoft Visual C++ Express. It is free, and in my opinion it is the best environment that you can find to program in C++ in Windows OS. Here, you find all the steps to set up properly the Microsoft environment.
GEMI3D To create a 3D game engine, it is not enough to know only the tools. Here, You will found a real 3D game engine. With this, step by step, I will teach you everything you need to build your own 3D engine.